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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Top 6 Ways Audio/Visual (A/V) Can Improve Your Business

Top 6 Ways audio/visual A/V Can Improve your Business
Audio/Visual technologies are dramatically improving the modern workplace. While traditional offices are changing rapidly, with open plan environments, huddle rooms, and mobile/remote working, these challenges must be met with technology in order for these spaces to continue to work effectively. This is especially true when connecting people in different geographies.

The way we work has evolved over time, and the technology necessarily should also evolve. Intuitive collaboration tools are transforming the way teams work. An understanding of how to apply current workplace technologies to meeting spaces and environments of all sizes will ensure your enterprise can remain productive and efficient, while eliminating the connection headaches of the past.

Here are the Top 6 Ways A/V Can Improve Your Business:

  1. Fluent Communications from Any Device Users no longer have to draw a distinction between an audio conference, video conference and/or web presentation. In addition, customers don’t need to have separate providers/accounts for each. Instead, products like Zoom or Microsoft Teams allow call attendees to join the call from whatever device they have available. Office users can join from a conference room or from their computer. Mobile users can join on their smartphone or tablet. All participants can be on video and share/view content on the call – all using a single service; no more siloed communications.
  2. Start Meetings On Time By inviting the room itself to the meeting along with the remote attendees, the meeting is sure to start on time – and with just a touch of a button. Every aspect of the room can be accurately controlled, including, but not limited to: lighting, multimedia integration, email schedules, and meeting and presentation control.
  3. No More Worrying About Having the Right Connector BYOD wireless content sharing allows anyone to share content from any device (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.). No more dongles, and no more worrying about finding the “right” cable or adapter.
  4. Extend Branding & Corporate Communication Into Common Areas & Conference Rooms Effective use of digital signage ensures the timely delivery of information to all people, be they clients, employees, or vendors.  This eliminates the need for the labor and expense of printing posters and static signage.
  5. End Conference Room Squatting Conference room scheduling panels installed at the room entrance allow rooms to be scheduled in advance, and/or booked ad hoc. The schedule for each room is easily displayed with the touch of a button. Room analytics are also available to measure usage and occupancy to provide actionable data on resource utilization.
  6. A/V is Not Just for Auditoriums, Large Rooms, and Board Rooms A/V systems that enable calls, as well as share/view content, have become very affordable and easy to implement and use.  This makes them very effective solutions for both small & medium spaces, too, which is where most of the real day-to-day work and collaboration happen.

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Top 6 Ways audio/visual (A/V) Can Improve your Business

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Office Technologies Improve Efficiency, Cost, and Management in the Workplace

Businesses are connecting more devices, people, and processes in their attempt to gain a competitive advantage, and are undergoing a digital workplace transformation. The Digital Workplace extends the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), changes the way buildings operate, and how workers connect to the technologies in place. When fully implemented, the Digital Workplace will offer building occupants a combination of information, efficiency, convenience, security, and comfort. Operating costs are lower, and more detailed analytics are now possible across the system. Deeper insight means improved efficiency, and, ultimately, smarter business decisions.

Lower Costs and Simpler Management

The Digital Workplace yields major cost savings by converging previously disparate networks over a single, centrally controlled architecture using IP and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Digital Workplace delivers the essential capabilities needed to make these cost savings a reality:
Converged IP Network for building and IT systems
  • Reduced power and lighting costs
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Simplified installations
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Shift from capital investments to operational savings

Digital Workplace Efficiency:

  • Lower-cost, more efficient workplaces: The Digital Workplace lowers the cost of workplace system installation, operation, and management through unified communications and centralized control of global facilities. As a result, it is easier to automate workplace services.
  • Transformative new experiences: Different systems (lighting, heating, and air conditioning, as well as communications, A/V, physical security and access control) can now easily and securely work together. They can adapt to users’ needs in real time to make spaces work better for individuals, groups, functions, and teams, while significantly improving the productivity, safety, and comfort of facility occupants.
  • New business insights through analytics: By combining connected endpoints with sensors, organizations gain deeper insights into how employees, customers, and guests utilize indoor spaces. You can adapt workspaces to improve productivity and efficiency, and make better use of valuable real estate. You can also glean concrete data to inform decision making about facility operations and planning.
  • Increased/seamless security: Advanced security features provide comprehensive threat intelligence and defense by using the network as a sensor and enforcer.

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