Thursday, December 29, 2011

UPS Configuration Availability Rankings

Peter Sacco, President & Founder, PTS Data Center Solutions, recently wrote a new white paper on UPS Configuration Availability Rankings.

Reliance on technology has elevated data center availability from a lofty goal to an absolute necessity. As such, the configuration of the UPS system is vitally important in achieving high-availability with respect to the power side of the universe. This paper explores a number of different UPS configurations, how they contribute to availability, and who manufactures them.

Pete's conclusion is that UPS configurations depend upon a number of factors including: level of availability required/desired (i.e. Tier class), IT load requirements, power input, and budget. Understanding these factors and their impact on UPS configuration and design will result in a suitable UPS purchase to meet user and IT load requirements.

For the complete white paper, please visit the PTS Media Library (log-in required) or contact us to receive a complimentary PDF.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Which is higher availability 2N or N+2?

Modular scalable solutions continue to drive our industry to improved efficiency and availability. Most know about modular cabling infrastructure, CRAC units with VFDs and scalable UPS technology, but did you know you could also have modularity and scalability with your chillers?

Most understand that modular solutions improve efficiency, but many believe that a 2N design is higher availability than a N+2 design. Not so fast, 2N is 2 component failures away from an outage where N+2 in a modular design is typically 3 components away from having reduced capacity. So why doesn't Uptime consider N+x designs for any of the critical components in it's tiering ratings? For that matter why isn't there a data center rating system that considers the improved availability of N+x designs?

Friday, December 09, 2011

CleanZone Premier Contamination Control Zone Solution

Dycem CleanZone SolutionTypically PTS focuses on high tech design considerations and solutions for your data center, computer room, server room, or network operations center. However, we are extremely impressed with the performance of the CleanZone Premier solution from UK Company, Dycem.

The product is designed to attract, collect, and retain contaminating particles which collect on your shoes before you enter the mission critical room.

To learn more about how Dycem products work, check out the PTS Data Center Design Channel Dycem video, click here or contact PTS.