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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Packet Power: Turn Basic PDUs into "Smart PDUs" Minutes

Upgrading your standard un-metered PDU to a fully metered PDU doesn’t have to mean going to the expense of purchasing a new smart PDU along with the costs of adding network cable drops and a massive integration effort with a monitoring program. Packet Power “Smart Cables” simplify the process with the entire solution often costing less than most metered PDUs and can be implemented quickly and easily. 

Packet Power "smart cables"
What is a "Smart Cable"?
Smart Cables are standard power cables with low profile embedded wireless network power monitors. 
  • Provide high accuracy measurements from current (A) to energy usage (kWh)
  • Fail safe design that can never interrupt the current path
  • Available in any plug type from 10-63 Amps and certified for use in most countries

Installing is easy as "1-2-3"...

Cost-Effective Solution: Less Expensive than Metered PDUs without Compromise
Packet-Power-savings.gifDeploying a Smart Cable network is more affordable than you may think. Adding a Smart Cable to your standard PDU often costs far less than many metered PDUs while providing all the functionality. Looking at the total cost of ownership, the Smart Cable scenario becomes more attractive as it has a single IP address and network drop per hundreds of PDUs eliminating the costs of network cables and maintaining a fleet of IP addresses. Also there are no network cable drops needed for Smart Cables. Monitoring also becomes much more affordable as there are no commission or programming costs associated with the Packet Power monitoring solution. Even when using the EMX monitoring portal, licensing fees are a fraction of that of conventional systems, or non-existent when only using the SNMP or ModBus data.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reducing Data Center Power Consumption

When it comes to data center power, less is clearly more. By reducing the amount of energy their data centers consume, companies can take a burden off electricity suppliers, protect the environment and increase their profits.

Many in the data center industry have already seen the light when it comes to reducing power usage. Technology companies are developing more efficient hardware, researchers are re-evaluating the possibility of converting to DC-power, electricity companies are offering financial incentives for data centers that significantly reduce their energy use, and corporations are revamping their data centers for maximum power efficiency.

This past December, Congress lent further support to the movement to reduce data center power consumption when it passed H.R. 5646 into law. The legislation calls upon the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to analyze the consumption of data center power by the federal government and private enterprises.

According to a report by Eric Bangeman of Ars Technica:

“The EPA’s study will fall under the auspices of its Energy Star program, which promotes the use of energy-efficient products. As part of the investigation, it will also consider incentives to encourage the deployment of more energy-efficient hardware in data centers.” The new legislation will help to raise awareness of data center power consumption and will spur the development of additional energy-saving solutions.

The government’s support of energy-efficient data centers creates a winning situation for everyone involved. The increased availability of Energy Star-rated technology, introduction of government-backed incentive programs, and growing public support for energy conservation make the decision to switch to energy-efficient technology an easy one.